Through Hole (Thru-Hole) PCB Assembly Services

Manual assembly of components then soldering in the best and cleanest way

Benefits of Through-Hole Assembly

Today, surface mounting is the more common form of assembly in many diverse industries. However, PCB through-hole assembly still plays a vital role when it comes to building circuits meant for certain types of equipment — especially those that must undergo high levels of stress or operate at high speeds and extreme temperatures. The reason manufacturers use thru-hole PCB assembly for these types of products is the variety of benefits it offers, including: 

  • Strength of Bonds. Through-hole assembly involves sticking required components through a circuit board and then attaching them with a metal solder, which makes the connection between the circuit and its components strong. It’s crucial for all the parts of the circuit to remain intact as you use an electrical piece of equipment. That’s why its strength makes through-hole assembly the better option for high-risk electrical equipment than other methods such as surface mounting.
  • Durability. Stronger bonds between the circuit and its components indicate better durability and the capacity to handle harsher conditions without substantial wear and tear or damage. If you’re looking for an assembly method suited to aerospace industries or the use of heavy machinery, thru-hole assembly is the ideal option and will hold up more easily than others. A durable electrical circuit will last a long time, perhaps even saving you more frequent replacement expenses.
  • Reliability. The last thing you need is to spend your time worrying about whether or not your circuit assembly will hold each time you use a piece of machinery. When you use through-hole PCB assembly solutions, you can eliminate this uncertainty thanks to the reliability of drilling and soldering technology. A reliable product can ease your concerns and help maintain a high level of efficiency for your operations, which is necessary for a harsh or fast-paced environment.

Our Through-Hole PCB Assembly Services 

Different applications demand different through-hole technology equipment. To better serve our diverse group of clients, Solder Electronic Assembly has invested in some of the most advanced soldering and assembly tools on the market today. We are fully qualified to manufacture printed circuit board assemblies to the IPC-A-610 requirement in both leaded and RoHS specifications.

Depending on your project needs, we can provide either fully automated through-hole assembly or semi-automated through-hole assembly services for runs of up to 50,000 units.

Thanks to our production capabilities, we are often brought in at the prototyping stages of a project. However, we also perform electronic contract manufacturing and testing as necessary. Our clients include government contractors and private manufacturers, all of whom count on Solder Electronic Assembly for fast turnaround times, excellent customer service and industry-leading engineering expertise. We are happy to provide initial consultations by phone or email or to meet with you in person.

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