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Our Prototyping Capabilities

At Solder Electronic Assembly, we’re known for our fast, high-quality printed circuit board assembly services. We’re trusted by companies across the United States to help them create small batches of top-notch circuit boards for their prototypes and small production runs. Here’s what to expect from our team.

  • Fast Quote Turnaround – You can get an instant quote and place your order in minutes with our industry leading online quoting tool. Or, if you want to work directly with our expert Quote Team directly, we will take your files and get you a full custom quote within 24 hours.
  • Fast Assembly Turnaround – Once we receive your approval, we can procure components and bare boards and assemble your PCBs in as little as 3 business days. Our most popular turn times are 5 and 7 day turn times but we will flex to your schedule. Our speed allows our customers to stay on tight project schedules or make up time on a schedule that is behind.
  • Design for Assembly review – As soon as your order is placed, Solder’s Engineering Team uses the industry’s best engineering software to review your design files to catch in advertent issues that will slow or stop your project. This way issues are dealt with upfront and in most cased don’t cause any delays.
  • Expert procurement services – We’ve partnered with the industry’s best suppliers like Digi-Key and Arrow who provide us with high-quality components and boards for every project. Our procurement team has deep experience to identify supply issues early and work with you to solve them early and fast.
  • A wide variety of Prototype SMT assembly capabilities –These include:
    • All SMT components machine-placed
    • 3D x-rays of all leadless parts
    • Single and double-sided assembly
    • Leaded and RoHS builds

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